The Art and Science of Natural Birth Control

The Wise Women's Choice Guide to Natural Birth Control

Hi, I'm Lauren!

     I’m the Director and Head of Education for Wise Women’s Choice. 

      I, perhaps like you, had quite a journey of ten years of hormonal birth control…trying different options…suffering different side effects… debilitating depression, loss of libido, weight gain, suicidal thoughts, vomiting and almost passing out on my periods, loosing my connection to my essence… 

     I got to a point where I was living in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal and remember one night sitting in the middle of an enchanting square… all this beauty surrounding me and feeling completely numb inside, crying alone, feeling like a big grey wall was in front of me in life and not knowing the way out.  

     At that time I couldn’t get out of bed until 1 in the afternoon because I was so depressed. At that time, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I’d always been so joyful, what was this heaviness I couldn’t shake… 

     Something inside me knew something was off…way off…but it wasn’t until a friend explained to me how bad birth control was for me that I decided to get off and find another way. 

      In the months following getting off hormonal birth control my life transformed in more ways than I could have imagined… my essence returned to me, I started making and selling my art, working for myself, and moved to beautiful Costa Rica. 

     I spent years as a birth worker attending home births and pouring over my studies of women’s wisdom, deep diving into natural birth control and what secrets were out there. 

     I embraced the Fertility Awareness Method, which I’ve now practiced for over 10 years, both to avoid and achieve pregnancy, and while I think this is one of the greatest empowerments we can have as women… I knew that abstaining or using a barrier method during my fertile times was not the path for me. 

     So I found better ways. Several actually. Ways that are over 99% effective to keep you protected during your fertile times. Ways that allow you to have barrier free lovin’ even when you’re about to ovulate=)! Ways that you can use whether or not you decide to track your cycle. 

Really? Yes really! 

    I began to host women’s circles and teach groups internationally sharing this powerful wisdom. The Wise Women’s Guide to Natural Birth Control is an extension of this. It is my Women’s Circle. You are invited=) 

      In my course we deep dive into The Fertility Awareness Method, along with all the natural tools and tricks to keep you over 99% protected all month long. I share extra wisdom for when you may have had some risky behavior. I give you the deep understanding that it takes to truly and finally free yourself from fear of unwanted pregnancy. And we talk about how to heal ourselves from years of hormonal or synthetic contraceptives to find our balance and thrive again. 

      There is no course like this in the World. 

    What I am sharing will transform your life. It is powerful. It is simple. And it will empower and free you more than you ever knew was possible. 

     I invite you to take my hand and frolic off with me into the world of freedom and natural protection that will have you rocking your essence, relaxing into your sexuality, and empowered in your fertility choices. 

     Are you ready? 

"Freedom from fear of unwanted pregnancy. Freedom from painful and possibly deadly side effects of synthetic birth control. Freedom to express and enjoy your sexuality all month long. Freedom to be in harmony with your body's cycles. Freedom to be in your true unaltered essence. Freedom to choose if and when to become a mom...This is our birth right. Through simply educating ourselves in the things that no-one ever taught us, we come into this empowerment and transform our lives. "
- Lauren Love, Director and Head of Education for Wise Women's Choice

Have you ever wanted to understand how to practice natural birth control but didn't know where to start ?

Natural Birth Control, at its Finest

When we suffer the side effects, or just understand the grave dangers of synthetic methods of birth control, we begin to awaken to the fact that there must be a better way...

Thankfully there is.

Did you know that Natural Birth Control can be 99.6% effective? That's just as, or more effective than ANY conventional method.

Understanding and tuning into our bodies is key. From there we have tools nobody is telling you about, simpler than you can imagine, to keep us protected all month long.

The Wise Women's Choice Guide to Natural Birth Control breaks down the Fertility Awareness Method, a method scientifically proven to be 99.4-99.6% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy with correct use. Short videos and straightforward teaching make it easy to understand and put into practice.

The difference between this course and other Fertility Awareness Method teachings, is that the traditional teaching of this method asks you to abstain or use barrier methods (condoms) during your fertile times.
(aka the times you most want to make love because you're ovulating)
This course shows you how to be super protected during these times using natural products, and/or masculine empowerment instead of toxic condoms. All while still being totally sexually active.
What, no condoms you say, tell me more...

Let's be honest, even if you can get condoms that aren't carcinogenic, who likes using condoms?
No one, that's who.
Especially in long term monogamous relationships, no?

This course shares different options for you to take to create a natural birth control practice that works for you.

Lauren's experience of practicing natural birth control for 10 years, as well as her experience as a birth worker, extensive education around natural birth control, and experience counseling women around unwanted pregnancy has shown her some really simply profound things that she will share with you.

Things like...
How to gain mental and spiritual clarity in your birth control practice
How to understand and harmonize with your body for optimal protection
How to heal your body after using hormonal birth control
How to practice the Fertility Awareness Method
Masculine Empowerment for better love making and increased protection
How to create a container of sacred trust with your partner
Natural products and how to use them for protection that's up to 99% effective
How to end unwanted pregnancy safely at home if needed

Easy to understand, to the point videos with Lauren Love, make both learning the practice and integrating it into your real life easy and fun.

You have everything it takes.

This wisdom is your birthright

In less than two hours you can be on your way to never, ever needing hormonal birth control again. With tons of resources to refer back to whenever you need along your birth control journey…

So throw those horrible pills in the trash and let’s get going ; ).

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Speaking Engagements, Retreats, Women’s Circles, Festivals, Coming of age fertility workshops

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What people are saying

Mackenzie clark, birth doula
"Lauren Love is such a loving, wise and genuine friend, ally, teacher, and advocate in our community. Tending to women, their bodies, their births. Tuned in to the rhythms. She is a powerful educator and has taught me so much in regards to my own cycle and empowered fertility awareness and natural birth control. Grateful to have a woman like this in my life."

Jamie Satori, Midwife, mother of 4, Borderless birth
"I attended Lauren's Goddess Guide to Natural Birth Control class recently because I want to practice a more conscious form of family planning than what has been handed to me by the medical industrial complex (condoms, birth control). It's important to my husband and me to lead a life of understanding our human design and taking charge of our own fertility. The content in the class is succinct and to the point, explaining the ovulatory process and the nuances that come along with the seasons of post partum, irregular cycles, or premenopause. Lauren's teaching style is fun, integrative, and easy to comprehend. I walked away with a range of practices with which to gauge my own ovulation, how to act preventatively, and last resort options for unwanted fertilization. I would recommend her classes to anyone seeking to create a more intimate relationship with themselves."

Melissa Chapman, Performer
"I am so, so grateful Lauren Love is sharing much needed womb wisdom on natural birth control methods. It was hard to believe how detremental conventional birth conthrol is for women's health and was largely why I decided to take my copper IUD out after taking her course. I feel so empowered cultivating a natural birth control practice now. Her course gave me the tools, inspiration, and confidence I needed to begin this practice. I can't thank her enough! I highly recommend anything Lauren offers. She is such a kind, generous, authentic, and highly knowledgeable soul! You will learn a ton and have a blast doing so."

Lauren Love carries a vibrant, effervescent energy that is contagious and tons of fun to be around! Her connection to the divine is so obvious, and her heart center pours into her teachings, her circles and everything that she does and is. It was a real gift for me to participate in Lauren's Natural Birth Control course, and I give it a 10/10 & recommend this for womben everywhere. This is the simple ancient knowledge that has been passed down for generations from grandmothers to daughters and grandchildren, and has somehow been lost among the chaos and confusion of modern societal programming. Lauren Love's course offers clear, practical, step by step knowledge on how to tune into your body, and connect to your natural cycles, and take back your power when it comes to fertility. This is taught in an easy to understand and digest format. Perfect for young women entering their maidenhood to learn about their bodies. And equally powerful for women seeking to become pregnant, or prevent pregnancy. It's also amazing content for the sacred men in our lives who wish to understand the experience of women more and to be strong support for us. Thank you, Lauren for bringing this magic! We need more of it in the world.

Forrest Soleil
The Love Doula, Relationship Coach