Cervical Fluid

Repeat after me, “If you’re wet, you can get.”

Our cervical fluid is a very good indicator of our fertility. Any wetness approaching ovulation must be considered fertile, as this fluid allows sperm to remain alive in the vagina for up to 5 days and then when the egg is released there could then be sperm present to fertilize the egg.

Daily checking, with clean hands, two to three times a day is the way to stay in touch with the status of our cervical mucus.

We are looking for our cervical mucus to become copious and egg white stretchy quality, and then to dry up. Once we dry up, the day before, where we had a lot of egg white like quality fluid, and probably felt wet even when we were wiping, this day is considered our Peak Day. We will learn more about what that means, and why it’s so important when we get into the rules of the Fertility Awareness Method.

Our cervical fluid can be masked by yeast or bacterial infections and if these are present you must not rely on this sign during this cycle. If you have an infection it is best to abstain and to treat the infection, however if you choose not to do that, using natural products, or relying on your temperature as your main sign, as well as using natural products during your fertile window is your safest way to practice during this time.

Breakthrough bleeding during your cycle approaching ovulation must also be considered fertile.

*Sticky gummy fluid is still considered fertile

Again, say it with me, “If you’re wet, you can get.”