How to Chart

So I love this chart because it is detailed. Details are important, like how this chart gives us space to note if we are stressed, if we are ill, etc. I would include in the notes if you are traveling a lot, because this can effect ovulation and our cycles in general.
Another detail that I love to chart is sex…did I have it, did I use any natural birth control product or condom or something, was it good
(j/k ;))
But this helps a lot if you, for example have a late period, you can see if it is even possible that you could be pregnant. Because often we will have a late period and freak out, when in reality we may not even have been sexually active during out fertile window and thus are obviously not pregnant.
Another thing that’s cool about charting is that if your temperature ________, this indicates that you are pregnant, and so when you are this in tune you don’t even need to get a test to know what’s up.

So to chart you are basically recording all your signs daily, beginning with the first day of menstruation.

This is an example of a chart where the signs are recorded. You see what we call the Cover Line, drawn horizontally between your lower and higher temperatures. We’re looking for the higher temperatures to stay up for three consecutive days.

What are we looking for? Remember, we are looking for coinciding signs of our temperature spiking, and remaining high for three consecutive days. We are also looking for our cervical fluid to get really stretchy and egg whitey, and then abruptly dry up the next day, and stay dry for four days. We now know that when these signs have passed that on the evening of the third day of high temperatures, or the evening of the fourth dry day after our peak day of copious fluid, we are safe for unprotected intercourse…for the rest of the month. Our trusty cervix is there confirming to us if we’re fertile… by being soft, high, open, and wet (thing SHOW) or by showing us we are infertile and thus safe for unprotected sexy time by being Low, Closed, Firm, and Dry. Remember, our trusty cervix can be a hack for this entire method, if you’re in doubt, check your cervix and if it is Low, closed, firm, and dry you are safe sister. Sperm cannot live in a dry vaginal environment, and if you’re low and closed, the possibility of this becoming high, open, and wet in time to save the sperm is quite low. If you’re nervous, and sometimes I am, throw some neem or Smart Women’s Choice in there and you are goooood.

It is vital to chart, and I personally prefer to use the App Kindara. Why? Because, guilty, I am on my phone when I go to the bathroom a lot of the time anyway, so it is just so easy to put in my fluid and cervix stats right there. Because it predicts my period, and while it’s not always right, it helps me to check in if I’m feeling super sensitive or emotional, then I can see that, Oh amazing, I bleed tomorrow, I’m not crazy, you know. It helps me that I can just check it if I think I’m about to have sex and I usually have my phone with me, so I can check in if I don’t remember exactly where I am in my cycle and if I’m safe or if I need to use a natural product today.

Again, I can’t stress enough, It is vital to chart if you want to rely on the fertility awareness method as your birth control. I have been doing this for 9 years and noone has the power to perfectly remember exactly where they are at in their cycle and how all their signs are doing all the time. You can keep loose track of it, sure, but keeping loose track of it does not give you scientifically proven protection. It gives you an idea of where you are in your cycle. And unless you are crystal clear as to where you are and if you are safe or not for unprotected intercourse, you need to be using a natural birth control product to make sure you aren’t getting pregnant if you don’t want to be.

I go through months where I loose track of charting. I am honest with myself about the fact that I am not totally sure where I am at. And I use my neem oil or Smart Women’s Choice, and get back to charting the next cycle. I try to even get back on track charting in the same cycle but if I’m already lost I just realize I’m lost and chart just to be in the habit of taking my signs.