How to safely end unwanted pregnancy at home

Sometimes pregnancy happens, with conventional methods, with natural methods. This part is just for your education to know what can be done in this circumstance. It is empowering in that you have this information in your back pocket. You have this information for your friends and family. You have this information so you never feel you are without a choice or somehow being forced into motherhood. I counsel women in this area and for many, knowing this choice is available for them at home is enough to give them the sense of freedom that they need to embrace motherhood. For many this information is what they need to be able to make the right choice for themselves. I share this with you, although it is not natural, to take this process out of being something scary or that you’re unable to do because of barriers of needing to go somewhere far, being too expensive, etc if it is your choice to do so.


The Following was taken from the IPAS, Partners for reproductive justice website

The following was taken from the Gynuity, Health Projects website