The Rules

1.) First 5 Day Rule, you are safe for unprotected intercourse the first five days of your cycle, if an only if you had a noticeable temperature shift 12-16 days before indicating that you ovulated in your last cycle.

You are only safe the first five days if you have a cycle that is at least 26 days long.

If your cycle is 25 days or less you are ONLY safe the first 3 days.

2.) Dry Day Rule, You are safe the evening (6pm) of every dry day approaching ovulation. Dry means you have no cervical fluid at all. Your yoni will still feel wet as though you put your finger in your mouth, however there is no fluid at all that you can rub between your fingers. If you want to have intercourse during the day (before 6pm) check your cervix…If it’s low, closed, firm, and dry you are good. However to be careful, you can always put Neem oil right after or use Smart Women’s Choice cream right before penetration. Why would I maybe use one of these if I wanted to have sex during the say before ovulation and my cervix is low, closed, firm, and dry… it’s because there is a remote possibility that you could begin to release cervical fluid that could keep the sperm alive until the egg is released, so using a natural product can help keep you covered with this remote possibility (I will go into what both of these products are and how to use them very soon 😉 )

3.) Peak Day Rule, You are safe for unprotected intercourse the evening of the 4th dry day following your peak day. Our peak day is the day we have the most copious amounts of wet cervical fluid, followed by 4 consecutive dry days. Once we’ve passed these days, we are safe for unprotected sex the rest of our cycle, until our next menstruation

4.) Temperature Shift Rule, You are safe the evening of the third consecutive day of spiked temperatures (the third consecutive day that your temperature is above the cover line. If you’re sick you should not consider yourself safe until you record 3 consecutive days above the cover line that aren’t a fever. If you are sick I recommend laying off sex to allow your body to rest, but if you choose to have intercourse anyways, this is a good time to use a natural product for extra protection, because your signs may not be very accurate.

Note: I got pregnant early on “practicing” the Fertility Awareness Method. I had not been taking my temperature and so did not realize that I had not ovulated the month before. Also we had unprotected intercourse on the 6th day of my period. This is breaking the first rule, and disregarding the most important sign, and so I was not actually practicing the method. I was not taking it seriously, deep down wanted a baby, my partner wanted a baby, and we were not observing the rules. So it was not the method that failed, it was me. I note this because we cannot rely on this method for birth control if we are not willing to follow the rules and chart our signs. We are not protected by embracing the idea of fertility awareness and having an idea of where we are at. We must chart our signs and follow the rules. We must practice it some months before relying on it to make sure we understand clearly what we are doing and become literate in reading our signs and understanding what they mean. We must follow the rules! You can get pregnant on your period! I counsel women who have unwanted pregnancy and many of them got pregnant on their period.

Note: It is important not to rely on ovulation predictors because they can tell you the day before and sperm can live inside you for 5 days. It’s better to rely on these signs.