Why Natural Birth Control?

So we understand that there are many dangers. Hundreds of suits are brought against pharmaceutical companies every year of people who have lost their family members to synthetic birth control, blood clots, stroke, heart attack….

One of my best friends died this year from a side effect from a pharmaceutical. It can happen to you, to me, to anyone.

So the risks we now know and understand, how about the benefits…?

Well to start it can be way cheaper than synthetic methods. If not free….

From there we have endless benefits, first of all, when we’re not being distorted by synthetic hormones or suffering side effects from other even non hormonal synthetic methods, ie condoms, copper IUD… were able to feel and embody our true essence. This ripples out into our families, friendships, relationships, community, and world. We need the true sacred feminine expression now more than ever…and who you are, the true you, matters.

A natural birth control practice can foster trust, connection, and intimacy between partners.

We can be so much healthier when we’re free from the synthetic options messing us up.

We can actually thrive!

We’re empowered and understand our bodies and cycles. In understanding our cycles, we’re able to harmonize our lives to our cyclical nature.

By doing this we become much more effective in how we use our energy and this results in greater success and harmony in life.

Really the benefits are unending.

But one of my very favorite benefits of what I am going to share with you is that you can be free to make love every day of your cycle and not risk pregnancy, naturally. This lets us be free in our sexuality and enjoy ourselves all month long without the contracted fear energy that comes with fearing pregnancy. We can truly open in our sexual experiences, without fear, without shame, embodying our true nature. This is the container for higher levels of pleasure and juiciness in our love lives. Mmmmmmm=)