Breastfeeding and menopause

Both times in our lives, if we are breast feeding or experiencing premenopause or menopause, our bodies are going through the process of trying to ovulate, while not always ovulating. Different understanding and different rules must be applied during these times.

For me, during these times I would choose to just use natural products. It can be hard to keep track of this new way of seeing your fertility and there may be many more times that you must consider yourself fertile. It can be done!!! But personally, I would just rely on using Neem Oil or Smart Women’s Choice natural birth control cream because this way I don’t have to have big fertile windows where I can’t be sexually active without a barrier method and often when we’re breastfeeding this period can look like years of tracking when you’re not having a cycle and I feel the room for error is greater because as soon as you do ovulate you can become pregnant if you’re not tracking well and following the rules. It ultimately up to you but coming up, I will explain about these natural products and how to use them.