male empowerment

Just as women begin to understand and harmonize with their body and come into their empowerment around their fertility, and thus can enjoy the rewards of natural birth control… men can also step into this same level of empowerment. By getting to know their body and learning how to work with themselves, men are able to be a powerful part in a natural birth control practice, creating a container of trust and a feeling within the couple of empowerment and communication. As the man comes into more mastery of themselves, they become able to experience different types of orgasm and prolong the love making process. There is very little taught to us in general about sexuality and some very basic and very powerful keys to higher levels of sexual experience lie in the irony that women can ejeculate, and men don’t have to. Here we will go into the art of semen retention with a gentile introduction to the subject which shares keys to make it easy and attainable for anyone.